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What makes a good medical practitioner ..!

Being a good medical practitioner is more than academic excellence. It involves a right attitude, aptitude, character, commitment, dedication, loyalty, trust and above all, a heart of service. What makes up a good Medical Practitioner ! Is it about Knowledge, Skill and Expertise ? Or Compassion and Empathy ?? Or What ???

Qualities of a good medical professional


  • Sense of responsibility is one of the essential quality for a medical professional; this keep you dedication and prompts to do what is right, going beyond the call of responsibility / duty.
  • Aims for extra mile for the sake / safety of the patient(s).
  • Do the right things, give up deliberately concealed motives even when no one else is looking
  • Keeps yourself going when you are tired

2. Compassion and Empathy

Benevolent, broad-mind, compassionateness/compassionate, kind nees / kid-glove, moral and intellectual advancement, liberal, sympathetic, and sensitive. It is the "Art" component of the medical science. This quality contributes dedication to the patient(s) from a genuine sense of concern also keeps a medical professional going when they tired, deflect pessimism / cynicism when dealing with a "difficult" cases / patients.

3. Professionalism

Professionalism assures patients rights, self-reliance, modesty and privacy is respected at all times.

4. Sound Knowledge

Medical professional must have adequate clinical knowledge and keep abreast with latest development in the medicine field. Fair enough to know limitation and refer patient for consultation.

5. Humbleness / Humility

Humbleness will plays to recognize not just strengths how ever also plays an key role to find out weaknesses; Arrogance, pride /superbia, over confidence etc are a very dangerous characters for medical practitioners.

6. Clinical acumen and Judgment

It is an prowess that being acquired over years of experience, Capability to differentiate among "Sick" and “Less Sick” patients is very crucial for any doctor and ability to sort patients history / patients information, obtaining a appropriate test to come to a diagnosis.


It plays a vital role between patient and doctor or colleagues; Being a good doctor means more than simply being a good clinician. Doctors in their day-to-day activities can provide leadership to their fellow workers and vision for the organizations in which they work for and also to the profession as a whole.
However, still doctors are willing to contribute to improving the quality of services and to opine when things are wrong, patient care is likely to suffer in these situations. Relationships grounded on openness, trust and good communication will enable doctors to work in partnership with their patients to address the needs. The ability to give counsel, comfort, discuss treatment options / alternative therapies is very important.

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