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How to build a high performing hospital, How to improve medical / non medical staff engagement?

Keeping a high performing or productive medical facility is a key facet of income stability and professional gratification. Productiveness, in healthcare segment thinks of just seeing additional patients. With too many patients flow might lead to belittled patient care, so, patients look at for another best source. Without good patient footfall profits will go down. Identifying the right solutions is essentially important for success of any organization. This article brings about few useful tips to build a high performing hospital, tips for improving medical and non medical staff engagement:

  • Clearly have a statement of mission, vision for quality services; share it with every one under medical and non medical employee groups of your organization.
  • Build a strong team who all committed to quality of services.
  • Recruit a high performance medical, non medical staff and establish productivity targets; intends a balance between quantity of patients and quality of medical care provided to them.
  • Staff engagement:

a) Concentrate on metrics that are meaningful to your medical, non medical staff, and then interlink all efficiency metrics to quality services or patient satisfaction.

b) Set “small” targets however “big” goals to all employees.

c) Carefully, “Listen to the employee feedback” and be sensitive to “raised challenges”, adjust as needed and also don’t ignore any new ideas without thoughtful discussions.

d) Support medical and non medical staff to lead the huddles.

e) Make a plan to “Grow the team”.

  • Establish employee and organization productivity benchmarks.
  • Assure your staff satisfaction, motivation by various means like: reward all exceptional employees, provide appreciation for good work and imparting a feeling of importance.
  • Plan for some medico-social activities at your hospital or get associate with similar medico-social activities done by other organizations.
  • Honor the patient –doctor appointments, this system should be accurate however flexible.
  • Provide reasonably good physical facilities.
  • Listen to patient’s problems, health challenges patiently and give them sufficient time to them and Show personal concern for the patient.
  • Should be decently communicated about patients the expected expenditure before starting up any medical procedure.
  • Impart health education: handouts, video examples, patient posters, printouts and etc to educate and prepare patients.

By aiming like this you can see that patients, your medical-non medical staffs are highly satisfied and you can observe patient flow is increasing day-by-day, you can be sure that hospital productivity is fruitful.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and analysis contained in this report are presented for knowledge purposes only. Readers must take full responsibility of use of information provided. will not be responsible for any of the damages and claims thereof.