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How should be plan for higher medical education..?

As a first or second year of medical student you might prefer to work in a clinical or non-clinical area or carried out research activities. At the same time, as a medical student you should also pay out some time for serious self- appraisal: Elucidate thinking’s that you have had in your first year of medical study by discussing with friends and senior medical practitioners of various therapeutic specialties.

Make a habit to read all trends, burning issues in healthcare industry thru medical magazines, journals and various medical publications.

Carefully listen to what senior medical practitioners are suggesting about your future career plans in medicine field.

Inquire into various medical specialty areas by founding professional relationships with at least two mentors in the field, who will take a professional interest in you;

Actively participate in all mentor/advisory programs in the medical profession

During 3rd year, you should reliably make notations (both positive and negative), about each effort that you have put up.

Try to attend as many as medical education programs offered on each specialty or specialty choice and also plan for residency program.

Take advance initiatives for preparation of personal statement for residency ship or even its best to prepare much before an initial rough draft of why you have selected a particular medical specialty and your future plans in the profession.

Discuss with your seniors who are in final year, who have matched in the medical specialty you are thinking to take advice on the application procedures, electives to take, entrances to takes and so on requirements .

Few characteristics of general vs. specialized practice:

General medical practitioners like working with patients; have a high tolerance for undiagnosed medical issues with multiple disease symptoms and they want to be involved in patients' lives on a continuing manner.

Whereas medical specialists value more highly for a narrow scope of professional expertise; their professional satisfaction arrives from action-oriented curative medical activities.

Before you proceed further ask yourself in below lines:

  • What was the main motive for my interest in becoming a medical practitioner?
  • What are my family members, friends and mentors expecting or suggesting me to do in medicine profession?
  • What would be my idealistic medical practice setting?
  • How do I define success in healthcare profession?What can I offer to a medical specialty?
  • What can I provide to the community where I am practicing? By planning in this way, you can be successful in the profession.

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