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How to be happy as a Medical Practitioner

Here is a secret, your motifs for choosing medicine as a profession will determine if you will shake (or) Un-shake at being a medical practitioner. Here is why…a pre medical student, pay attention on it! Many students opt for medicine profession for one or more of the following reasons:

First, there are the “Weak Reasons”:

If all your motifs persist in this group, you are destined and it’s extremely improbable that you are going to come upon a state of true supremacy and fulfillment.

Soon afterwards there are the “Strong Reasons”. Leastways one of your motifs for choosing medicine profession should come from this group. Therefore here they are:

Weak Reasons for selecting medicine as a career:


If this is your only motifs for studying medicine then good luck for your career; the inner workings of the human body are fascinating beyond belief. To be sure, however, a mere interest for medicine profession won’t get you over the jumpy stretches such as: death, pain, weekends on patient call and sleep deprivation.


In some countries, being a medical practitioner still assures financial success. Even so, in most other countries, this has no. However, let us just presume for an example that you could turn your medical expertise into lots of financials. Confessedly, financials might beef up your resistance to vomit, pain etc. However, it won’t infuse and grow in you a love for medicine profession. You just won’t spend the extra hour to make perfect your acquirements and thus be happy.

Political prowess:

Interestingly, power is one of the stronger “Weak Reasons” for preferring medicine as a profession. There are various instances; where professionals who choose medicine for the power that comes with it. Some may describe this; Power might over patients, Patients’ families, Management

On their colleagues, etc, these professionals can move upward all the way to higher positions within medical centers or medical communities. You will know when you see a medical professional who is exclusively power-motivated since people are going to say:

“This practitioner is a good manager however not a very good medical practitioner.”

Understand however, the power of professionals in this group combined with one of the “Strong Reasons” makes true medical professionals or a very famous person in the field.

Strong Reasons:

Desire to help:

This might look like a no- barricade; as might be expected thing a medical practitioner should want to help others. Nonetheless, if you ask people if they like helping others, almost everyone will tell “yes”. Despite anything to the contrary, most often than not it’s a superficial and self-seeking “yes”; what we describing at this stage is a deep-seated desire to help. A desire that exceeds any self-seeking feelings. Ask yourself if you would incur a deep sense of gratification from helping others even if no one would ever know about your selflessness; as a medical professional you have to be very true/ reliable with yourself on that one!


Industry known fact that lot of surgeons who are really or highly talented with their hands; for many of them their mains source of professional gratification doesn't get from their desire to help others however from the channel that comes with their skill in the profession; joined with a substantial interest for medicine profession, a drive for mightiness or a motive to serve others, this theme can jumpstart your medical career to the goal to the top position.

To conclude, combine a strong reason for getting into medicine profession with any other motif and anybody will have an enough probability for fulfillment in the medicine profession. On the other hand, the weak reasons solely – as a professional you will be miserable most of the path. In actual fact be true to yourself since it’s your professional career, time, professional life….!

Disclaimer: The thoughts and analysis contained in this report are based on data and assumptions derived from external sources, and are presented for knowledge purposes only. Readers must take full responsibility of use of information provided. will not be responsible for any of the damages and claims thereof.