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A few principles to your medical career

Job search will only successful for medical practitioners if they receive the best opportunities are available to them. In any other contexts, whether the doctor determines a less-than-ideal job, or takes further decision to stay back under the current role, or no job for them, that job search is a failure. The only possibility to assure that the job search is a successful thing is to

(a) Be aware of all jobs available,

(b) Choose that one that suitable to your experience, skill sets and that meets your expectations on as many positions as possible.

This update brings about a few marketing principles for medical professionals to choose best job opportunities in their job search:

Think a movement that you are a commodity: Your attainments / acquirements, experience makes you into a product. The industry players who want this product have to offer money and benefits, negotiate in order to enjoy what you have to provide. Most of industry players will not be aware of that you are even available for them, even if they have a requirement with a same set of product qualities.

Find out your target group or target audience: Your target group is very limited. You are not going to be a product that places at an every store. The only target group for you is constitutes of specialty groups such as medical hospitals, medical laboratories, medical research facilities, ploy clinics and other medical service facilities.

Evaluate your interest: Marketing is about number game. For example: If you are selling a product, you might apply various marketing strategies (sending communications through websites, hoardings, banners, flyers, digital / electronic media, print media etc) and hope for business orders. In the similar manner, your job search criteria should be the same approach. Like: send out 100 resumes, if you receive a minimum 2 percentage response, that’s makes possible opportunities in your practice line. Look further, which out of these 2 % response are the best leads for you? Do not accept any job until you have tried to negotiate every term of the contract at least once. Only by making sure that you pick the ideal positions and negotiate the best for you can you make sure that your job search is an actual success, and not a failure thing.

Negotiate your success: When you have business leaders who have been made aware of who you are, about your expertise / acquirements and they have vacancies for you and highly interested at or very impressed at your skill set, use that advantage effectively in order to have financial benefits, growth opportunities etc things.

Do not go through or do not accept any opportunity until you have tried to negotiate every term of the opportunity at least once. Only by making a point that you choose the ideal opportunities and carry off the best for you can you assure that your job search is a real success, and not a failure that gets out you wanting/hoping a new opportunity with further search.

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