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A few mistakes medical professionals make with their Resumes

For the most part almost every physician makes one or more about to write mistakes, which may be preventing them from getting their dream positions. Many healthcare recruiters believe that, not every resume that they receive requires a complete revisions or adjustments for it, however resumes needs to be corrected for above said reason:

Too long resume

The first matter to observe is the difference among curriculum vitae (CV) and a resume. Each document helps an important purpose and is suitable to various target groups. While the elaborated and including all or everything practice of curriculum vitae may be suitable to medical academic and research positions or when completing grant application materials, they are no more appropriate for most clinical jobs.

The hiring managers who are in charged for medical staffing a practice can get many applications for one position and a too long comprehensive compendious will, for better or worse, they sense like fat too much work to go through.

Known fact that resume is a powerful marketing tool in the job market, however, only if someone really reads it! You should exert much effort to make this document a single page summary of your academics, professional experience and accomplishments. It should not only reveal the recruiting manager how eligible for the vacancy however it also generate a state to learn more about you and what you can provide or furnish for the medical practice.


It’s funny how often see a resume that has right spelling for words like “atherosclerosis”, “schizophrenia”, still misspellings of simple words like “psychology”, “psoriasis”, “tuberculosis”, “research” etc. An error-free resume shows you are detail oriented and well prepared.

Confusing format

Most healthcare recruiters often come across medical resumes that go through experience in to clinical, academic and medical research appointments, instead following a conventional reverse temporal order or format. While a functional resume can be preferable in some instances like: when one’s professional career has large gaps or several short-term appointments – in most scenarios it is more suitable to keep your medical experience and training in a orderly manner

Too much information

This mean information of the personal kind. Medical recruiter’s list

Marital status,


Favourite books,

Schools attended,

as might be expected your hiring managers will want to get to know who you are, what type of personality you are however some information is best communicated in a personal interactions or telephonic conversations.

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