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Team work in clinical service - Role of doctors

Medical delivery should be all about cooperation! However doctors bring an important role in clinical decision making. It’s the pharmacists, technicians and nurse professionals that really put through the decisions by furnishing medical care in the inpatient services. Also specialized doctors like the pathologists and radiologists will be available will have an important role attaining the treatment goals. Especially, in hospitals operating theaters (OT) and intensive care units (ICU) are ideal places for exhibiting perfect teamwork! This update brings about importance of team work in medical practice and current mindset of patients and their expectations.

Current situation

Medical services exhibit easily noticeable variation in terms of quality and service delivery. There are standalone medical facilities operated by general medical practitioners as they are usually called, and practitioners who own two settings inpatient and outpatient services.

It is very common to analyze that 4-5 medical practitioners of the same therapeutic specialization have different numbers of patient tip over. There are “Prescription influencers or topped medical practitioners” with a good patient inflow. In these instances patients have to wait for many days for a follow up consultation with some medical practitioners in many places. Private hospitals are very competitive; they flow on to the good referral source and bringing many patients under one roof.

There is acute shortage of specialized medical practitioners in rural, semi-urban settings. Here we usually observe that specialist practitioner visiting these places once in a week or twice in a month. Professionals explore in these areas on good referrals and get back some practice to their main medical set up in towns.

Change in patient mindsets

These days, patients are taking their self decisions how much to involve doctors in their disease management, whom to consult and many people are accessing internet to get health information.

In suburban areas patients preferences may be happened on the basis of “consult cum dispense of medicines,” so that no further money will be involved on buying medicines separately by patients.

Patients should generally be at the center however private medical centers high in demand for practitioners who serve in various clinical settings. It is generally observe that medical practitioners feel workload, long work duties, sleep disorders and dealing with difficult patients. These necessitate good training initiatives to train doctors on different skills during their education

Reconstituting of medical profession is highly important and demands involvement from practitioner fraternity itself, in order to go smoothly and effectively. Working in teams can be effective way to bring about a positive change for better medical services.

Teamwork: its importance in Medical profession

  • Better time management
  • Working consistently betters the overall serving and will encourage patient turnover
  • Better clinical decision-making
  • Address patient safety issues
  • Help in financial management

Finally teamwork in medical profession necessitates a lot of reclamation in order that be added about in the at present models. It requires esteeming / valuing every resource of the team. Furthermore, there is lot of difference among practice quality, and medical professionals’ self-thinking plays a major part in disease management. On the other hand, team work will take standardization of medical or patient care, which needs a change in the outlook and oneness in the clinical decision-making. There will necessitate clearly characterized or delimited roles and accountability, work delegation and team- toughening steps.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and analysis contained in this report are based on data and assumptions derived from external sources, and are presented for knowledge purposes only. Readers must take full responsibility of use of information provided. will not be responsible for any of the damages and claims thereof.