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Right price tag - an indicator for growth

One of the key drivers for any individual for a better performance is the “Salary” compensation. And also the Key determinant for the interviewer and HR as they are always sensitive about jumping the budget allotted to them. For Candidate this is the thing which he often asks hesitantly with the fear of losing opportunity or a favorable decision from HR.

However, salary is the most important factor in career and should be asked with much consideration of SWTO analysis. External factor such as market demand and industry health is also going to determine the price tag.

Know your worth

"I find that a great part of the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way"– Franklin P. Adams.

Keep always yourself updated. Digging information as and when you need is a wrong way to acquire information. Having information is good, however presenting it with confident and naturally is the key of success. Keep looking for more information about your industry, market scenario and get them digested, so when you talk of that it would be with more confidence and would look natural.

Your peer group can be a major resource of information to you. Take membership of industry bodies and association, this would create an opportunity to meet professionals for interaction both on the industry subjective and present compensation trend.

Subscribe for a trade magazines and journals as another source of information.

Know when to ask
knowing your worth, asking the same and putting it first during interview would be disastrous. You should give the interviewer a feeling that monetary benefits you are looking cannot be above responsibilities, work culture, company and above all the job satisfaction.
Keep the salary negotiation to the last part of the interview, when you have already sold yourself and interviewer has by now acknowledged your capabilities and worth. After salary negotiation you can check out the other benefits.

Do not hold employer for ransom
It is not a good practice to threaten and hold for ransom, first it would create a bad picture of yourself and second it may backfire and close the prospects of good relation and growth with the companies. There is a saying "whatever you give comes back to you."

Never show desperation
Never show up desperation even if you are in dire state. That may prompt employer to take advantage to push you for a lesser compensation package. Desperation would also in some cases minimize the chances of job opportunity. Remember generally any decision out of desperation is later proved to be wrong.

Equipped with right knowledge and sharing that knowledge in right manner, win you a job that you enjoy the most and make your career flourish.


The thoughts and analysis contained in this report are based on data and assumptions derived from external sources, and are presented for knowledge purposes only. Readers must take full responsibility of use of information provided. will not be responsible for any of the damages and claims thereof.