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Effective Communication Skills.......Must for Doctors to succeed!

Having good communication skills, essential for any medical practitioners to establish effective patient-physician relationship and expect a speedy recovery from patient which the only objective of all Medical Practitioners. Communication has multiple impacts on various facets of healthcare outcomes. Disappointingly this area is neglected. Medical professionals hesitate to enroll for such short term skill development programs.

Scenario 20+ years ago Present scenario
Lower literacy rate Increased awareness
Less access to good healthcare options Increased health consciousness
Doctors trusted completely Access to resources on medical information. sources
Doctor gave advice/medication and patient would take it Better healthcare access and availability of options
Patients’ ideas, concerns, expectations and not asked about Highly developed specializations among doctors
Doctor treated- family cared Nuclear family
Doctor Centered Approach increased purchasing power

How do you prescribe?

  • Are you providing the right medication to the patients?
  • Do you warn patients of the side effects?
  • How do you spot when you’re not effective?
  • How do you measure response?
  • How do you ask about compliance?

The impacts included better health outcome

  • Higher compliance to therapeutic regimens in patients,
  • Higher patient and clinician satisfaction
  • A significant decrease in malpractice issues /risks

To conclude, together with the rise of consumerism in today's healthcare practice, increasing demand for doctors who are patient centered and doctor patient relationship has become very important in these days. Good doctor patient communication has shows a positive impact, reduces emotional distress in patients. Patient satisfaction is an important criteria that merits doctors attention; Better doctor-patient communication shown to be associated with better emotional, physical health, higher symptom resolution, better control of chronic diseases and etc.

Although very much emphasis has been on the importance of effective communication, a good doctor-patient relationship in affecting patient healthcare outcomes and satisfaction. Doctor's satisfaction with their professional life will results in to greater patient trust, confidence and finally makes an effective patient-physician relationship. The physicians who are themselves more satisfied may be better able to address patient's concern than other practitioners.

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